When Days Start Blending Together, Here’s What To Do

We’ve all had those days where they blend together. I had that last week where I asked myself, “Where did the week go? What did I even do?”

I went through my mind. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… still couldn’t remember. I actually had to go through my calendar to figure out what I did.

I don’t like having days like those because I feel as if I’m wasting my precious time on earth. What am I to do about it? Get back on track.

Here’s how I work through it:

1) Stay in the moment

I found that when my brain is in a million other places and not focused on the moment, that’s when I “can’t remember” or days blend in.

When you are in the moment, you remember what’s going on with all your senses. Allowing you to remember the moment.

I hear some people say, “I have a bad memory.” Or “I just suck at remembering.” Could be true for some people, but I believe for most, it’s because they aren’t truly in the moment.

2) Stay Organized

Have you ever done something like clean out your closet and it made you feel better emotionally?

I love Feng Shui and the concepts that surround it. When your mind is busy and unorganized, it tends to show up in other places of your life.

This week, I reorganized my closet (for a few reasons) and it ended up helping me mentally. I felt like my mind was cleaned up too.

The real reason I started to organize my closet is because of my pup! I have a 10 year old Husky name Lyra.

Last week, she tore up her bed. I threw it out as the fluff was out of the bed. Well, I forgot about her digging habits. I didn’t get her a new bed thinking she doesn’t sleep in it anyways. She sleeps everywhere else. Huge mistake!

She opened up my closet (she knows how to open doors) and got cozy in there. I didn’t think much of it because she tends to do that a few times a year.

This time, she dug up the carpet!

I ended up moving my clothes all up to the top rack instead of using multiple racks. Had to get rid of some clothes to make it all fit.

3) Write it down

Writing is a great form of stress relief. It also helps you remember! Write down what happened even if you never go back to read it.

The less stressed you are, the more you will be in the moment, hence, more you will remember. No, that’s not science, but it’s from practical real life experience.

Try it out and remember, dogs need dog beds to destroy or they will find something else. Even senior dogs!

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