Because; Good food is an opinion

Sunday. Every other Sunday my parents and brother will come over. My mom usually brings tons of ingredients to cook some delicious Thai food.

Her food is delicious! If you’re imagining the Thai food at restaurants, well, this isn’t that. Sometimes it’s similar, but there’s always a homemade flare to it. She adds something extra that just makes it yum.

This Sunday, my brother couldn’t make it and my mom had come from hanging out with her cousin. That meant, no home cooked meal.

Whenever we go out, it’s the usual:

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?”

“How about pho?”

“No, not in the mood. But let’s go anywhere.”

You know how it goes. The headache around picking a place with picky eaters.

My mom suggested Thai food or Vietnamese food. My dad makes a remark that we just had Vietnamese food a few days ago. My mom says, “Thai food.”

My dad usually doesn’t like eating Thai food out because he’s worked in Thai restaurants before and is tired of it. Plus, his significant other is a Thai restaurant owner and brings home Thai food all the time.

Unusual for him, he didn’t say anything. Well, I was done with the indecisiveness, so I drive us to Thai food.

………I should have driven us to a Vietnamese place.

Complaint after complaint about the food.

Personally, I thought it was delicious. They both kept saying that we should have made food at home.

What do you do in a situation like that? Where no matter what you say won’t change their minds and you’re already in the situation?

I decided to focus on my delicious food. They fed off of each other like I fed off the noodles and rice. Mmmmmm.

I didn’t ignore their feelings. I acknowledged them and I didn’t let them ruin my meal.

Kaira loved it too. She especially love the Lad Na. I would say that Lad Na is one of the most under rated Thai dishes out there. It’s similar to Pad Se Ew (most people tend to know that one), but it has a gravy consistency. Have it with some of the vinegar and jalapeños and you have good Thai comfort food.

There are times where the road to least resistance is letting it in one ear and out the other.

Ps. My mom does have a cooking channel on YouTube that she doesn’t work on anymore. But there are some good recipes on there. Check it out “Montip M Recipes” on YouTube.

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