Dog beds, necessary?

I have a 10 year old Husky. She is the best dog ever. (Yeah, some of you think your dog is the best dog and you’re right 😉 Every pet owner should think their dog is the best dog)

In the past 10 years, I’ve probably bought her 7 or 8 beds. Most destroyed by her. Shouldn’t dog beds be durable? Or do they make it that way so that the dog can have fun ripping it up and then the owner pays more money to buy a new one?

I’ve seen some dogs love their bed. They sleep in it like the prince or princess that they are.

My pup has never been that way. She would rarely sleep on her bed. She sleeps on my bed, on the floor, on the couch, in the closet…everywhere except her bed. And this has been her way for 10 years.

This time when she tore the bed, I thought, “Alright, I’m not going to buy her another one because what’s the point?”

I learned the point quickly…

Without a bed, she had nothing to rip up. 😱 I didn’t realize this until…

I went into my closet and found that the carpet in the corner was all torn up (along with a few pieces of clothing she got off the hanger). 🤦‍♀️

Oh yeah…that’s why dogs need dog beds. Necessary! Yes, necessary!

I got her a new bed. I think she had some resentment energy and tore the bed up in a few days. A new record for her.

The one before lasted almost 2 years! Looks like I’m going shopping for a new bed.

Have you found a durable dog bed?

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