I want to be a homebody, but my kid won’t let me! The internal struggles

Internal thoughts:

“I want to stay home and chill”

“The kid needs to be entertained. She will be happier and sleep better if we go out”

“The weather isn’t right”

“Uhhh. I better take her. It’s good stimulation for her”

“I just want to sleeeeeeeep”

“Let’s go”

I am an extroverted introvert. Sounds strange, huh?

I love being around people and doing things, but it can drain me. I love my quiet space and to be with my thoughts AT HOME.


My little Kaira loves being outdoors for everything. When she’s home, she is lazy and gets mad quicker.

Even with her exercises, Kaira is practicing how to stand and take some steps. When we’re outside, it’s like she can stand and take steps for hours. No fuss. Pure joy.

When we’re at home and I stand her up, fuss! Crying! Anger!

Kaira will laugh and smile any time we walk outside. If she could be outside all day, she would be thrilled.

We end up compromising (to which she really doesn’t have a choice) haha!

I make sure that I take her out and not just to physical therapy or any of her other appointments. I take her out for fun in the stroller.

And when I get tired, there’s grandpa. To be honest, he walks more than I do each day. She loves it. She knows that when he’s around, she gets plenty of outside time.

Her compromise with me is that I get one day a week where we stay indoors and she has to deal with it.

Do some cleaning. And lay in beeeeddd! I love my bed!

Of course, I’m saying this as though she has a choice. She’s pretty much stuck doing what I want to do since she’s not mobile on her own.

Kaira’s a special needs kid. She doesn’t crawl or play on her own. It gives “stuck at the hip” a new meaning.

She’s a smart girl though, she understands it all. I have to give her credit because she’s gotten better at compromising. I’m teaching her some good life skills!

We’re waiting for her medical walker to arrive. That will make me leave the house even more! It’ll make Kaira very happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing things, and when you’re a single mom with a special needs toddler, rest and battery recharge time is super important.

That’s actually very important for every parent.

How are you recharging? Are you a homebody or an outdoors lover?


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