If you saw someone famous would you talk to them?

In our world of technology, of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. we can get to know the most random people.

Kaira and I were out and about today. I told her that if she did a good job in Occupational and Physical Therapy, we can go hang out at a shopping center.

She didn’t do so good in OT, but did a great job in PT. She was in a good mood, so it was enough for me to reward her. Plus, it was a gorgeous day out today after a weekend of on and off sprinkles.

We walked for a bit and ended up at a (fake) grassy that kids play at. I like to have Kaira watch the other kids because it seems as though she’s inspired by them.

There was a little blonde baby running around, but Kaira didn’t seem very interested in her. I got Kaira out of her stroller to practice standing and walking. She is usually more than willing to practice outside.

Nope, she wasn’t having it. She wanted to chill in the stroller.

After grabbing some ice cream (Belgium Chocolate flavor, yum!), we went to the other side of the grassy area.

As we walked past, I spotted another baby standing. I thought to myself, “Great! She’s standing so Kaira will be able to see.”

As I looked at the baby, she looked like the baby on TikTok that Kaira likes to watch. Kaira loves watching kids and anything with strange sounds.

After eating about half my ice cream and trying to figure out if that was the TikTok baby, I decided that I would just ask.

The inner dialogue went something like this:

“Omg is that hungry baby from TikTok?”

“Maybe, I’m pretty sure it is.”

“Should I go say hi?”

“Eh, it’s not them. Even if it is they don’t want to be bothered.”

“Plus, I don’t want to come off as fan girl.”

“Ah! They are leaving!”

“Get your butt up and go say hi.”

“Excuse me, are you on TikTok? Hi.”

Yes, it was them. Baby Sarang and her dad @hungry_fam.

Super nice and I’m glad we went over to chat. Honestly, Kaira wasn’t even paying attention. She just wanted to chill with her pacifier at that point after doing some hard working out at PT.

We got a picture of the girls together. Kaira wasn’t sleeping, she was looking at her pacifier because I had just pulled it out of her mouth to take the picture and had to give it back because she got mad.

How dare I remove her pacifier for a picture? What was I thinking? 🤪

Go check out baby Sarang and her family on TikTok and Instagram. She’s just way too cute. @hungry_fam

Moral of the story, be brave and go chat up some people.

And if you see me out in public, I don’t mind you coming up to me. We can even take a picture together (most likely 😆).

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