And just like that, she’s 2. Poop on.

Birthdays. Do you love or hate them? Maybe somewhere in the middle?

Bittersweet at times.

I remember when I turned 30, it was the year building up to it. Spent 29 thinking about 30. But then the week of, it seemed to all disappear and I wasn’t freaking out about it anymore.

It was just another day. 29 was a rough year. It was when all the junk (yeah, I’m calling it junk) was happening with Kaira and her dad. I spent my birthday just Kaira and I. And I loved that.

When my friend, Teah, was turning 30, she freaked out a bit. Then, she said that she thought of me when I turned 30 and because I didn’t freak out, she knew 30 wouldn’t be that bad.

…little did she know the whole year was spent freaking out 😂

I was delighted to say (with total honesty), “You’re right. I didn’t freak out when I turned 30.”

Today is Kaira’s birthday. She turned terrific two. This girl wanted to party. She had FOMO like no other. Usually she sleeps around 9:30-10 pm. I love it that way because she wakes up around 8-8:30. Perfect for me.

She knew her birthday was coming up and wanted to wait up. Oh boy. I must have done our “sleep” routine 5 different times. She was very happy when midnight came around. No one can tell me that she isn’t smart because she understands it all.

I swear sometimes she’s smarter than I am. She knew when it hit midnight. She can tell time (story to come about that in another blog) without knowing how to read clocks.

I sang her happy birthday as she smiled and did her little kicks as I’m holding her. She smiles with her bottom teeth sticking out. Her eyes are almost closed from smiling to wide. And she giggled until the song was over.

I asked her if we could sleep now. She said, “Yeah,” and nodded her head real big.

These are the little things she does around her special group of people she trusts. She will say all sorts of words and answer back.

Then, when she’s out in public or strangers, she is a silent clam. She’s great at communication if she trusts.

Two is going to be a big year for her! We just got a call last week that her Gait Trainer (medical walker) is officially ordered and should arrive in 2-4 weeks.

We’ve been waiting for it since December!

Ever since she’s been off her seizure medication, she’s been making loads of progress! It was like the medication was putting her in a haze/asleep.

I’m not saying medication is bad, she needed it for a while. She was just on it for way longer than she needed to be. Like I said, once she got off of it, it was like she woke up. Her body is still catching up, but lots of progress has been made.

Kaira’s goals for this year?

1. Have as much fun as possible

2. Eat as many new things as possible

3. Show other people that she can say words

4. Sit, stand, walk

5. Learn to use teeth

6. Go to Disneyland

7. Frequent aquariums

8. Make mom walk

9. Self soothe. Be able to put the pacifier back in mouth without mom doing it for me 103 times a day

10. Love

Ok, ok. Those mightttt be some of my goals for Kaira.

Kaira’s real goals are probably eat, poop, go outdoors as much as possible, and walk.

I think those are pretty good goals, don’t you think? I mean my goals for Kaira! Although, some of you may have issues pooping too. If that’s the case, poop on my friend.

Maybe adults should adopt a few of them….like self soothing and going outdoors for walks.

Happy birthday to my Kaira. Life has definitely been more adventurous with you in it. Love you baby girl.

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