Because; Priorities, Weddings and Bad Business

This past weekend I preformed a wedding. Yes, I do that sometimes. It was a lovely couple, both their second marriages.

They had the wedding at a friend’s beach house in Carlsbad, CA. It was a small, intimate wedding with family and a few friends.

The groom found me online. He booked me right away without hesitation, as most of my couples do.

When I met with them, they told me that when they went to get their marriage license, the clerk’s office gave them a list of 7 officiants.

Those officiants either didn’t respond, were not competent or wanted the couple to get married at their location.

That’s bad business to me. I never understood that from a business owner’s point view. Don’t have your information out there if you aren’t going to do excellent business.

Back when I had other businesses, I went to networking events and always came back with a pocket full of business cards. Once I started to call them, 90% never got back to me. Why go to a networking event if networking is not what you intend to do?

Back to the story…

It was a DIY wedding. The groom was setting up the place when I had arrived. It almost looked like chaos getting everything in place to start on time.

They stood on the beach inside a heart shaped lei. I did my thing, they said their “I do’s,” kissed and they were married.

The groom’s niece went up to them afterwards and told them that they just had the wedding of her dreams.

This is one of the reasons I love weddings. It creates magical moments not only for the couple, but for everyone involved.

When the bride and groom were planning the wedding, they didn’t want it to be a big deal. They an older couple compared to the standard wedding age and they have been there and done that. They just wanted something that would be meaningful to them.

It’s amazing to me, the different types of weddings I have performed. And it all comes down to personalities. No two weddings are the same as no two people are the same.

Compromises are especially important when it comes to planning a wedding. Even the bride and the groom are two separate people, hence two separate ideas of a wedding.

Whenever I meet with a couple, one of my first questions is for them individually to tell me what they have envisioned for the ceremony.

Some have pretty similar answers and some don’t. And that’s perfect to identify at that point.

Whether it comes to business or planning weddings, the biggest factor is priorities.

Priorities will get you going in the right direction when you have identified what they are.

What is your priority of the day?

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