Anxiety, Physical and Emotional Dangers

Kaira (my 2 year old) was falling asleep. I’m right next to her, she has her pacifier in her mouth. She’s ok her side facing me. She starts to drift off.

All of a sudden, she jerks awake. We’ve all been through that. When I was younger, I often jerked awake because I was “falling off a cliff.”

Kaira looked like that’s what she just went through. She jerked, opened her eyes and saw me. I made sure to tell her that she’s safe. She looked at me and smiled.

I asked her if she fell off a cliff (without expecting a response). She starts to giggle (with her eyes barely open). I start to laugh because she’s laughing.

We both had a precious bonding moment. Again, I told her she’s safe, I kissed her good night and her eyes closed once more.

I continued to think about what I was telling her. “You’re safe.” I tell her this often because she’s had a more than a few traumatic events in her life thus far.

Safety is one of our human needs. When we feel safe, we can live life to our fullest.

The lack of feeling safe is what causes anxiety.

Think about it. Anxiety comes from a worry of something happening that comes from a feeling of being out of control. It’s the worry of something not going right in the future. An emotional danger.

Many times when we feel anxious, we aren’t in physical danger. Although, yes, there are cases where physical danger is absolutely real.

Most of the times, we feel anxiety emotionally.

Good news about that is that it can be removed.

When we are in control over our emotions, we thrive.

How do you get rid of anxiety? There are many techniques that you can use and you need to find one or more that’s right for you.

My favorite ways is this: when I feel anxious, I ask myself what about this is making me anxious.

Usually it’s some sort of past experience that went a way that I did not enjoy.

If that’s the case, I tell myself that it isn’t that experience and I imagine a new experience. Once I have that image, I place that image in the future where the event will happen. I know, that sounds weird. But it works for me. Once I see the event running smoothly in my mind, I’m mentally good.

Physically, when I have anxiety, my body starts to act like a car that has its engine on and in park. It vibrates. I know that if I don’t help my physical body, that it will produces anxiety hormones that will make me tired for the next 3 days.

I start to take deep breaths, all the way to the tummy. I drink some water with magnesium and oxygen and I take a Vitamin B complex. Again, this is what works for me and it doesn’t work for everyone. This is just my personal opinion.

By the way, it also helps me emotionally when I tell myself I need to release this anxiety quick because the longer I keep it in my mind, the longer my body is going to react to it.

My body is a temple.

I need to treat it as such. Mentally and physically. In all honesty, I do better at the mentally than the physically part. 😉

Try the method out, see if it helps you. I’ve changed my methods many times as I’ve grown. Do what works for you.

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