Behind a smiling child is a tired parent

Pictures say a thousand words and the words of the day is “Tired Parent.”

Why is she smiling and laughing? Because she just spilled the bowl of cereal on herself.

She thought it was funny to kick the bowl of cereal out of my hand and have it spill everywhere. Thank goodness it was dry cereal! No milk! Whew 😅

She’s a hoot and I don’t mind her doing things like that. Thank goodness I have a food maid aka dog to eat the spillage. I still don’t know what parents without dogs do. Cleaning up those spills seem like unnecessary work to me. 😂

Kaira’s giggles make it all worth it. It’s those little moments that matter in life.

I sent this picture to a few friends, along with a video of her laughing at what she did.

Their reactions were that she’s in a good mood today! She’s happy!

What you don’t see behind this picture is that we’re sitting on the couch. I’m slouched because I am sooooo tired from entertaining her. I spent extra amounts of energy keeping her happy.

She had a vaccination a couple days ago and after a shot she either reacts poorly, is traumatized or a mixture of it all.

The last couple days, I made extra efforts to entertain her outside more than usual. It keeps her calm and happy even when she’s not feeling well.

Today she seems to be feeling better. She’s messing around and being her comedic self.

Parents go through much behind the scenes work. Most people that aren’t parents don’t realize how much work. At least, I didn’t when I wasn’t a parent.

Other parents on the other hand, offer an understanding and empathy. It’s definitely like another level of life and understanding was opened up when I became a parent.

There’s definitely a different mindset that one develops as a parent.

Being a night owl or a early bird loses its meaning at some point. Maybe it’ll come back, but when the kids are young, it’s whatever time they are up.

True meaning to “Ready or not, here we come!”

Kids aren’t always just happy on their own. Yes, there are kids that are naturally more happy than others, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking that extra effort that parents go through to make sure their child had a good day.

What’s the mindset you carry with you through your day?

Are you making a trip to the park to get “tired out” or for more fun and happiness? Or both?

What intentions do you have for each activity? Who is it more for?

I challenge you to explore those questions and make one extra stride to put a smile on a child’s face.

And remember to get a some R & R (rest and relaxation)

Because as the title says…behind a smiling child is a tired parent.

Good night.

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