When you don’t recognize stress anymore…

When you feel like you’re on top of the world…oh wait. We are 😂

I found myself quite stressed and it was funny because I didn’t even recognize it as stress at first!

I was wondering why my energy was depleted, had a small headache and just overall feeling blah.

Then someone asked me if I was stressed.

My first response was no! After I had some anxiety rumble up in my tummy, I finally thought… oh maybe…

Bad stress is not a feeling that I choose to be around me very often. Good stress on the other hand can push one to do things.

You all know I teach mindset and how to NOT STRESS, so I do a ton of mindset work on myself. Well… it snuck in!

What do you do when you stress?

I needed some fresh air. Ocean meets the mountains.

No, I’m not ignoring my challenges, I was simply needing to be in nature to better solve the challenge.

When you’re in the picture, you can’t see the frame.

I needed to back up and look at the frame.

Plus, physical movement releases happy Neuro chemicals.

What can you do today to back up and look at the frame?

Ps. We were at “Top of the World” hence my joke 👆😂

Xoxo 💋

-Tip Meta

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