“You’re so lucky” 🤦‍♀️ but that’s a lie

“I can’t count the times I’ve heard people say I’m lucky.

But lucky ain’t the word.

Oh, I’m blessed…” -Thomas Rhett

I’ve heard this a lot in my life.

You’re so lucky you’re going to that school.

You’re so lucky you graduated.

You’re so lucky you live in a nice area.

You’re so lucky you have such a positive attitude.

You’re so lucky you have certain people in your life.

Here’s the reality…I worked to do those things!

It’s great that you think I’m lucky and I’ve busted my butt.

I am so blessed to be able to have accomplished and have all those things. It didn’t come easy.

I’m still on paths to accomplish other things that people will once more label as lucky.

You make your own luck. By taking action.

If you’ve been analyzing what I’ve been saying…all of it comes down to action.

Cheers to action. It’s never too late. I don’t care what time it is, how old you are, your financial status, your current situation, you can take some sort of action…if you want it.

By the way, if you haven’t listened to the song “Blessed” by Thomas Rhett, go do that.

All the love,

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