We create most memorable memories when we…

Yeah, I’m soaked.

This was 2016.

How did I get that way? Well…

Let’s back up a bit.

I needed a girl’s day so my friend, Teah and I decided to go find the pirate tower.

Teah had been there before, but I had not.

We parked on the street, walked into some private community, went down a few flights of stairs…not the easiest place to get to.

When we finally got to the beach area, we had to go around the corner.

See that tower? That’s it. That’s the pirate tower. We were trying to get there.

When a huge wave that was OUT OF NOWHERE got me.

Soaked. All of it. The bag, the contents of the bag (don’t even remember what was in it) and the not so waterproof phone. Oh and me…of course.

Often, our most memorable moments are those that are unplanned.

We may have planned to go to the beach, but we never planned for the stories that happen.

Life is funny like that.

We don’t plan to get unexpected job offers.

We don’t plan to meet that person or get into a relationship.

We don’t plan to meet the right spiritual teacher.

We might be wanting it and searching for those things, never knowing if it will happen.

You never know WHEN those unexpected memorable events will happen.

And you’ll never know if you don’t go out there and live.

So go live your life and have those unexpected moments…because they are THE BEST!

All the love,

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