I want to be happy…

Your heart ❤️ is 1000xs more powerful than your head 🧠 at attracting your desires…

AS LONG AS your ❤️ and your 🧠 are aligned in desires, then you will be in the frequency to attract that desire.

This is often the challenge…

Some say… “I want to be happy” 😃 then they are bombarded with 1,001 negative thoughts.

They throw their hands up in the air and call it quits. Let me just sit in my little cave of self pity. 🤕

Can’t say I haven’t been there. Because I have. And there are some days where I still want to crawl into my cave.

And I am able to resist.

Didn’t come easy. Took actual working on myself.

Does this all sound familiar?

If it does and you’re ready to crawl out of the cave and stay out, let’s chat.

1 thought on “I want to be happy…

  1. Wonderful. ♥️

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