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What's the Course?

First, the course does not have a name yet. As a part of the Beta Group, you get a hand in choosing the name.

Sections in This Course

T.I.P.S. Pyramid to teach people how to activate their mental toughness in stressful situations and elevate everyday life.*IMG_5248*jpeg?alt=media&token=4e929cef-e55f-4050-bbf1-f6437632a757

Each section taught will be on a section of T.I.P.S. Pyramid - Thought, Intrinsic, Physical, Spiritual.

Lessons in This Course

#1. T.I.P.S. Pyramid Core Concepts

#2. What is consciousness and why would it help me?

#3. Becoming resilient

#4. Thought Exercises

#5. Health & Physics 101

#6. Vibrational Frequencies

#7. How to keep negative thoughts away

#8. How to Unstuck yourself

Here's what's involved:

- You GET access to the online course on Mindset. It's a bit over 3 hours that you can do at your own pace, HOWEVER, because you're a part of the Beta Group, I expect you to finish it within ONE WEEK of entering the group.

- You GET 30 minutes of personal coaching from me (yours truly, Tip). This will NEVER happen again for this investment.

- You GET a 30 minute graduation call to go over your results.

- You GET access to the Private Facebook Group.

- You GET access to a private Facebook Messenger group only for those in the Beta Group.

- You WILL be held accountable.
- You WILL need to participate in the Facebook Group.
- You WILL need to participate in the Facebook Messenger group.
- You WILL need to support your fellow group members.
- You WILL be assigned group members to be accountable with.
- You WILL be asked many, many, many questions about the course by Tip.
-You WILL acquire tools and techniques that will help you over come obstacles in your life.
- You WILL rewire your brain for more positivity.
- You WILL access your manifestation powers in a different way than you currently are.
- You WILL be attributing to future generations' success.

BONUS: You will receive the finished course for lifetime usage!

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Early Bird Registration (Oct. 1 - Oct. 14): $47

Standard Registration (Oct. 15 - Oct. 21): $97

Late Registration (Oct. 22- Oct. 31): $127
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