Welcome to the Beta Group!

Lauren, before they started the course, I had them fill out a coaching call sheet and an outcome sheet. I'm going to have the outcome questionnaire in the final version with a few things changed. 
Also, the TIPS Pyramid will change probably to TIPS Method or something like that. Deleting Pyramid.

Reminder: Did you complete your coaching call?

FB Group Post: Let us know in the FB Group when you were being Rex and what you're now doing to get Rex to fuck off.

FB Group Post: Let us know what thoughts you need to squat Mary for and what you're exchanging it with.

FB Group Post: Let us know in the FB Group what you are going to do or what you are currently doing in the physical realm.

FB Group Post: Let us know in the FB Group what your Core Values are for an area of life.

Once you get your quiz level, message me what level you got and I will send you the full report.

FB Group Post: Let us know you finished the course and what you got most out of it.

What should this course be titled?

What vibration level did you get?

5) Set up and complete your 30 minutes graduation call. Send me a message to schedule.

6) (Optional) Rant and rave about how awesome the course is on social media.

7) (Optional) If you found value, I'd love to set up time to do a short 2-5 minute video testimonial. 

8) Once I rerecord, you will receive the final version of the course!

Thank you for being a part of history! 

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