Releases in April

Your mini mindset makeover is waiting. This course gives practical tools to reduce/eliminate stress, rewire your brain for positivity, and discover how your personality type connects with your self-care and needs.

Plus, 5 guided meditations for your mini mindset makeover

7 hour online course (Go at your own pace)

Stressed everyday?

Uplift will help you find the spark that will rejuvinate your daily life. This course is especially good for those that: 1) are parents 2) confused with their life’s purpose 3) for those that found their purpose, but feels tired fulfilling it.

Plus, 3 guided meditations

3 hour online course (Go at your own pace)

This is a confidence course for “beginners.” Beginners meaning, this may be one of the first courses you take to improve confidence. This is confidence for your personal life covering both internal and external confidence.

(Course to improve confidence for your business life available later this year)

3 hour online course

This is the BIG one.

The course that helps you reunite with your true self. The “learn to become whole” and calibrate your mind course. This course covers 7 areas of your life. Intake the tools, assimilate into your life and eliminate beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve you.

This is a 3 day course available both LIVE and online.

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