Our Story

Come on in. You may want to hold on to your hat (if you’re wearing one). Ready?

My name is Tip. I’m the founder of 22 Elevate. It’s my heart company. Let me tell you a bit of my personal story, then I’ll go into the company’s story.

I am a single mama of an amazing kiddo, Kaira. Kaira has some developmental delays. I guess some would label her as special needs, although she’s making progress.

I live in beautiful, sunny California. Southern Cali to be exact. The beach, Disneyland, the mountains are all just a hop and a skip away.

It wasn’t always this way. I once was homeless, divorced, started from scratch, was over $100,000 in debt, had my child taken away unjustly and a few more hardships have happened in my life.

The Unexpected

Saying I had rough patches seems like an understatement.

My toughest challenge thus far was having Kaira removed from my custody because of a series of unfortunate events involving her dad that were out of my control.

What I could control was how I handled the situation, my emotions. And I was very proud of myself. I remained calm, I asked questions, I looked for solutions instead of going into a panic. I handled it quite well…too well according to the authorities.

I look back and joke that “this is where my years of state control and personal development failed me.” The authorities couldn’t understand why I was so calm and logical. They expected me to be angry or depressed. Therefore, they labeled me as “minimizing and not taking things seriously.”

They had never experienced someone like me before. They used that as a reason to remove Kaira from my custody while they were investigating her dad. According to them, it wasn’t ok or “normal” for me to be questioning the authorities or to continue to be pleasant to the staff.

The first court hearing was a lost battle before we even walked in. They didn’t know me and didn’t try to find out who I was. I felt incredibly misunderstood. The second hearing was after a month. They ended up not even having the hearing because one party hadn’t had time to read the case.

It’s a long story. After 2 months Kaira was back home. After a lifetime of working up to be the “best mom” and working very hard on myself to become that person, then getting the chance to be the “best mom” and then having the authorities use that as a reason to take away Kaira was heartbreaking. It was the worst time of my life.

Enough about me for now, you’ll get to know Kaira and I as you keep following.

The Company

22 Elevate started out as a thought of creating something in 2016, but I didn’t know what. I knew it was going to be big and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Finally, in 2019, with a little brainstorming help, it clicked. This, this is 22 Elevate. WE are 22 Elevate.

I wanted it to be a company that combines personal development with practical tools and a spiritual twist on top.

What makes Tip qualified?

I’ve gone through so much yuck in my life and came out with (what I would call) an award winning attitude. I wasn’t always a positive, optimistic person. In fact, I’m wired to be a judgmental, negative and cynical person. When I was younger, my fav shirt was my Grumpy (from Snow White) shirt that says “I don’t do perky.”

I choose who I want to be each day and I’ve arrived at the point to where 99% of my days are positive. The other 1%, room for human error. I’ve worked to become this way and I can show you the tools that I’ve used on my journey.

I’ve also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other various personal development techniques. I have a background in health, finance, education which leaves me well-rounded. And I’m also a certified psychological and relationship counselor.

I worked very hard to become the person I am today and I want to share the tools with you. Becoming the best version of ourselves comes from within AND it takes a village. Welcome to the village, I hope you stay for a while.

Hope you enjoyed our story.

Yours in service,

Tip Metajan

Our 1 Min Story

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