Hey, I'm Tip.


Meet Tip Meta

Hey there! 

Tip is an intrapersonal specialist, motivational speaker, author and coach. She uses the T.I.P.S. Pyramid to teach people how to activate their mental toughness in stressful situations and elevate everyday life.

She has been married, divorced, homeless, a single mom... Tip teaches people how to use the story they are living to empower them and rewire their brain for positivity and to see the good at the end of the day. 

My life in bullet points, are you ready?

- Grew up in South Gate, California (not a great neighborhood) 
- Was a goody-two shoes in school that was often bullied and depressed
- Graduated high school, moved out the week after
- Went to University, graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences
- Got married
- Owned and ran a financial company
- Almost finished my Master's Degree in Education, but didn't
- Had multiple health issues leading Tip to be bedridden for nearly a year
- Got divorced
- Started from square one
- Attempted to build multiple (unsuccessful) businesses 
- Became homeless 
- Continued to work multiple jobs 
- Had a baby Kaira
- Baby Kaira's father abused her, leading to an investigation where Kaira was ripped away from me for 2 months 
- Got through all the court and legal things
- Lived the single mom life with my special needs girly, Kaira
- Gave up on love
- Struggled, but was content with life
- Kept living life to my best abilities in my highest vibrations while continuing personal growth
- Found the love of my life, Andrew, right under my nose
- Continuing to live life...

How was that?

I go much more into my life in my book that will be released July/August 2022.

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